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Track all your payments on one screen with Stripe Integration


Stripe integration allows you to track all your payments on one screen, with the Pazaryeri payment solution you can instantly manage cash flow between you and your sub-sellers, automatically perform progress payment and commission calculations, by at the same time transfer payments from your sub-sellers to Stripe accounts and create numerous financial reports with just one click. Thus, you can monitor the performance of your sub-sellers through the Stripe control panel and conduct your business processes much more efficiently. Through the use of this module, online purchases can be made. As it is an open payment integration for foreign companies and highly preferable, business owners can reach a foreign audience as well. Openclassify offers this integration to its valuable users so that you can receive your payments easily and transparently to an international audience. The Openclassify Stripe integration works with the checkout and shopping cart module. If you have any questions about the Stripe integration, you can reach out to us and ask any questions you want.