Classifieds Marketplace software script | Key Features

Key Features

  • Testimonials

    The plugin gives your users the ability to share their positive feedback with other users. You may add the box with testimonials on any page of your classifieds to make your site more attractive to visitors.

  • Booking

    Booking You can easily enable a rental option on your site by installing the booking module that allows your users to book listings online and collect down payments featuring 3 most wanted booking modes.

  • Facebook Connect

    Not all users are willing to go through registration process today while signing up via Facebook is easy and fast. Let your users create accounts on your site using their Facebook details..

  • Multimedia Uploads

    Apart from adding description to listings, sellers can easily upload photos and videos by dragging and dropping to give more visual information to potential buyers.

  • Google Maps

    A powerful tool from Google enabled for every listing and showing ads and values of location-related fields on the Maps.

  • Price History

    To show how prices change for listings over periods, you may install our free module that builds a chart with the price history after every change.

  • Listing Packages

    A flexible manager from where you can add a number of listing packages to categories with a price, duration, number of photos and videos.

  • Seller Page

    Every seller can have a SEO-friendly individual page on a subdomain with all his ads listed on the page and important contact details.

  • Highly Manageable

    Openclassify CMS allows you to manage practically everything from admin panel: registration and listing fields, groups, all forms, categories etc.

  • Content Boxes

    Whether you want to add Google AdSense, banner or other content to a particular place or rearrange your site, you can do it with boxes.

  • Quick Navigation

    A compact alphabetic index that shows categories by the first letter letting you keep your site neat and categories easy to reach.

  • Monetization

    We offer 14 popular payment gateways for charging a commission on sales, listing packages, featured ads, banners, invoices etc.


Frequently asked questions

Openclassify is an easy-to-use marketplace building platform. Our core products and features are 100% free and open source.
Laravel is a free, open-source PHP MVC web framework. It's the most popular framework in the World according to github.
Thanks to the modular structure, you can easily perform the editing and development you want according to your needs.
With Openclassify, you can produce solutions for all your corporate needs.
Use your marketplace in the cloud and get all the updates right away. Focus on your business while we support you!
Please contact us for all your needs and we will create the most suitable solution for you with our expert staff.