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Delivery and Returns

"According to the processes and practices of the banks, the average reflection of the refunds, credit cards and debit cards can take up to 3 days."
You can contact us for a refund rather than the purchase of a different product is possible.
"In case of cancellation of the order after making a payment by credit card, the refund is made to the credit card. Other methods are not possible to receive a refund. Please contact your bank for more information. "
The refunds of the purchases made in installments are made according to the bank procedures, the duration of the installment and the related installment amounts. When the installment orders are returned, your card will be paid at once and the limit will be opened up to the total transaction amount. You can see it as a plus / minus balance on your statement according to the bank transactions and processes.
You can cancel your refund request within 24 hours.
Your return request will be evaluated by our team. If deemed appropriate, your refund will be processed within 3 business days.