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Secure both your own payments and store customer payments with Paypal payment integration


Paypal payment integration is a virtual point of sale service that provides payment security for store and store customers, where reliable online payments can be made and received. With this payment integration service optimized for all devices, you can:

You will be able to make payments without entering a credit card number with only user and password information. One Touch, which is the fastest way for a PayPal customer to complete the purchase, is a type of virtual point of sale payment that can be used worldwide without the need for any integration on the seller's side. As we mentioned, since it is global, you have the opportunity to reach a larger target audience and you can make and receive payments all over the world.

To install

Get started in just 3 steps:

Download the module and activate it in Openclassify. PayPal is pre-installed and ready to use!

 Add your PayPal account or open an account now through an integrated process optimized with the Openclassify Paypal virtual point of sale payment integration.

 Add your bank account to your PayPal account and start receiving payments!

It is open for use worldwide, but there is no right of use in Turkey.

This module needs the Shopping Cart and Orders modules.

You must purchase these 2 modules to make sales. The Paypal virtual pos payment integration can only be used with these two modules.