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Favorites Module


You have set up your website. Hundreds of sellers and tens of thousands of products are for sale on your site. You are attracting a lot of customers to your site. Having so many alternatives seems great for the buyer, right?

If your site does not have a Favorites Module, this advantage can be a disadvantage for you. Because if the buyer can't find a feature to distinguish the products they like from others, this variety can turn into a mess that makes it difficult to find the right product. Openclassify's Favorites Module allows you to collect the products you like in a separate place and choose among them.

In addition, if you have the Favorites Module, the buyer can enter your site before the future shopping, browse the products and add the products they like to the favorites list for future purchases. Thus, you offer time flexibility to the buyer who prefers you and thus you can get ahead of alternative shopping sites.