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Dopıng Module

Hundreds of sellers, thousands of campaigns, tens of thousands of products, whose numbers are increasing day by day. Finding the right one among them is becoming increasingly difficult for the buyer. Wouldn't you like to turn this chaos into profit? Ocifyco’s Doping Module highlights the ones you choose among a large number of sellers, products or campaigns visually and content-wise and thus makes it easier for the customer, who is overwhelmed among different alternatives, to be directed to the product you want.

Let's say you want to accelerate the sale of a product or you have made a good campaign for a product you have a lot of and you want to announce it to the target audience. If you have this Module, you can 'Doping' the products you want by entering the Creat Doping menu. In addition, thanks to multiple different doping preferences, you can highlight at different levels according to the order of importance. Doping your product and let the buyer be attracted to it.