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Chat Module

The ideal e-shopping platform is the one that best combines the comfort of online shopping with the concreteness of face-to-face shopping. The ability of a buyer who is researching a product to ask questions immediately is the foundation of the classic customer-seller relationship and is a great advantage for the seller as it gives the buyers the feeling that they are being taken care of. Having a chat-platform on your e-commerce site where the buyer can get answers to their questions about the products can make your site a preferred choice. The Messaging Module offered by Ocifyco is not only for asking questions about a product to be purchased. In addition, in case of any problem with the sale, the buyer can contact the seller first and resolve the problem, rather than giving a negative rating directly on the site, which can decrease negative evaluations about the seller and prevent the loss of potential customers.

Finally, the messaging module also allows you, as the site administrator, to communicate with all sellers, which provides a coordinated working opportunity.