22 Days (Monthly) - Custom Software Development & Support Su

22 Days (Monthly) - Custom Software Development & Support

Upgrades and future features

Security updates


Each month, according to customer priority, your requests, requests and corrections will be sent in writing to [email protected] via e-mail. In order to evaluate these requests, a meeting of maximum 40 minutes will be held at the beginning of each month. All meetings will be held online (such as zoom). If it is convenient for both parties, a face-to-face meeting can be made. All requests will be categorized as requests or errors.

Classification of issues and substances

Items can be classified under many different subheadings, but they will be divided into 2 categories:

1- Improvement

All new feature request optimizations, designs and improvements will be considered in this class.

2- Bug

Failure to fail in an existing feature or to fail to function will be evaluated in this class. In these cases, the error / bug will be corrected as soon as possible and no fee will be charged.

Pricing issues

As a result of this classification, only the requests in the improvement class will be included in the 1-month plan. The 1 month plan will be shared with you via email and you will have your approval. Items in bug class will be included in the monthly plan and will not be charged. Guaranteed free support will be provided and corrected for all errors in all improvements. This whole process will proceed in writing and it will be kept under record.

Planning the Meetings

Requests will be made within the weekly plan. The work done will be updated every Thursday and you will be informed. The work done will be controlled by the customer. Weekly evaluation will take place on Friday at 17:00, with a maximum duration of 40 minutes. If block work is done (such as a single job for 2 weeks) and no meeting will be held that week by mail notification. The follow-up will be carried out by the project manager who is appointed at the beginning of the month and works within the client's body.

Consulting fees

Monthly and Weekly planning Meeting and Consultancy for the project management is free of charge within the agreed maintenance fee for Business Package. 

Monthly Development Fee

All monthly improvements (bug / bugs are free) and design cost will be calculated as man / month price. The total amount of time that personnel with different technical characteristics will spend in total will be considered. For example, 1 week will be calculated as half a month in total, such as 1 week coding.

This planning is made after the monthly working day, i.e. holidays and holidays and weekend breaks (approximately 22 days). From the beginning of the contract payment will be paid. 

Prices do not include VAT. The payment is made in 2 steps as the beginning half of the business and the other half at the end of the month. The customer cannot delay the payment by showing any excuse. In case of non-payment, the service provided will be suspended. The work is in service status and no refund is possible.

Server and Cloud Service and Fees

Amazon Cloud usage fee, maintenance, backups and monitoring of the system, and 24/7 support only in case of emergency and system failure, will be charged $200 per month for all these services and hardware. In case of heavy use of the system, the capacity of the server will be increased by discussing with the customer and obtaining approval, and the performance will be provided as it should. 

Server cost difference will be charged separately. The publication of the site in a demo environment (until it goes live) will be provided free of charge by visiosoft.

Duration of Agreement

This agreement will be valid for 1 year. If the customer wishes to stop receiving service, he / she informs in writing 1 month in advance. The contractor, Visiosoft company, undertakes to provide all these services for 1 year.

Penalty and Service Flow

No penalty will be paid in case of disruption of services. 24/7 support will be provided if the system is down. If the scheduled works for a month are not delivered on time, the customer will not be paid any extra. In case of a bug in the work done, it will be primarily dealt with and resolved immediately within the weekly plan.

Content management and visuals

Content management is not under the responsibility of visiosoft, and it is delivered to you after the package is offered. Visual content of the site, media, etc. Annual / monthly site management service should be taken additionally for continuous creation.

Integration and Bots

Errors in integration and bots are not covered by the warranty, and in case of changes in the relevant sites or integrations, they will be made within the business plan, i.e. for an extra fee.