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Paraşüt Integration (Accounting Software)

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What Does the Paraşüt Entegration Gain You?

  Whether in e-commerce or in the market, invoicing daily sales is an important process. The most important points that we should pay attention to here are the preparation of the invoice in the computer environment, the transfer of up-to-date information in the commercial program in the correct format, and the absence of errors during the registration of the stocks. Openclassify offers you the Parachute Module to easily perform your direct accounting transactions. Paraşüt Module in the accounting integration will help you to easily invoice your incoming orders as e-invoice or e-archive.

Benefits of using Openclassify Parachute Accounting Integration:

You can automatically transfer your products and stocks to your e-commerce site,

You can make invoicing transactions quickly and smoothly.

You can manage your stocks from a single panel.