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MNG Kargo Integration(Turkey)

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What Does the MNG Cargo Entegration Gain You?

 In your e-commerce process, your shipment process is as important as product and stock management. In this process, your goal is to ensure that the shipment reaches your customers without any problems, and to ensure customer satisfaction. You can achieve this with MNG cargo integration, which is one of the best Openclassify's advanced cargo integration systems.

By providing the API connection and starting to use MNG Cargo Integration, you can transfer dozens of shipment information online to the MNG system without any errors. You can manage your cargo process without ever going to the branch. With the cargo integration, you can send your orders more easily and quickly by saving time and cost. In this way, you can increase customer satisfaction by tracking cargo-process.

Benefits of Using Openclassify-MNG Cargo Integration:

  • You give your customers the opportunity to track their cargo from a single panel in the My Account area.
  • You save time.
  • Your customer satisfaction increases from fast delivery.
  • You speed up the shipping process.
  • You can send a shipment tracking code to your customers.