Iyzico Marketplace Integration (Payment Integration) Payment

Iyzico Marketplace Integration (Payment Integration)

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What Does the Iyzico Marketplace Integration Module Gain You?

 The most critical point of the sales process in e-commerce sites is the payments. The nature of the process in the payment system will also positively affect your sales. In order to facilitate your payment and money transfers, Openclassify offers the Iyzico Payment module to its customers. With the Iyzico payment module, you will be able to instantly manage the cash flow between you and your sub-sellers. This module automatically performs cash flow and commission calculations, and can transfer the payments of your sub-sellers to their own Iyzico accounts. In order to use this integration, you need to create an account on Iyzico.

Iyzico Marketplace solution generally covers fundraising and distribution processes. There are 3 main steps in integration; the steps are as follows:

  • Sub Merchant Registration
  • Payment (API or Payment Form integration can be preferred.)
  • Approval of the Product for Money Transfer