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What Does the Hepsi Emlak Import Module Gain You?

  Product/Ad Import; It is called uploading the existing data document to the system in order to transfer your products/ads on one site to your other site where they will be sold simultaneously. To explain more clearly, you want to upload your products from Hepsiemlak.com to your e-commerce site that you created with Openclassify infrastructure; In this case, manually entering all products one by one is a very troublesome and inaccurate option, which no one prefers. Instead, you complete this process by uploading the Excell or Xml format document to the relevant field in the Admin panel. In this case, you will be able to transfer the products/advertisements to your site with a single click, and you will be able to easily follow the stock, if any. Thus, by importing through the Openclassify management panel, you will be able to control all stages on a single screen. In addition, the export feature is a feature that you can perform by selecting the file type you want to export your ads in Openclassify with csv or xlsx. With the export feature from your e-commerce site, it will make it easier for you to upload the data you downloaded to the other system.