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What Can Be Done With Openclassify's Doping Module?

  If you want to highlight your products or advertisements and make them stand out, this is what the doping module is for. With the doping module, it is possible for existing advertisements or products to come to the fore with various titles. Thanks to this module, the product/advertisement you want; You can highlight it with dopings such as opportunity product, new arrival, discount product or different and urgent.

  Create the most appropriate doping for your product or advertisement with the titles available in these modules. So what steps should I follow for this? You can click on the dopings section on the left menu on the control panel of your site. On the screen that opens, you will see which doping is valid for which product/advertisement. Thus, as an admin, you will create doping and ensure that your sellers benefit from it, and as a seller, you will see that your doped product/advertisement attracts almost all attention.