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1) Neden Openclassify Kullanmalıyım?

Openclassify, işini internete taşımak isteyen firmalar için e-ticaret ve pazaryeri alanında satış siteleri kurmalarını sağlayan, açık kaynak kodlu yazılım şirketidir. Geliştirmeye müsait altyapısı ve sahip olduğu modüler sistem ile hedef kitlenize uygun e-ticaret sitenizi kurabilirsiniz. Kolay kurulum ve sade kullanımı ile hem zamandan tasarruf edersiniz hem de mutlu müşterilere sahip olursunuz.

2) E-ticaret Pazaryeri Nedir?

E-ticaret pazaryeri, satıcılar ve alıcıların buluşturulması için üçüncü şahıslar tarafından internet ortamında kurulan, satıcıların mağaza açıp ürünlerini yüklediği ve tüketicilerin ise ilgili ürünleri inceleyip satın alma işlemi gerçekleştirdiği online platformlara verilen isimdir. Örneğin; Trendyol,Amazon,Hepsiburada,Gittigidiyor, N11, Çiçek Sepeti gibi online alışveriş siteleri pazaryeri platformları arasında yer almaktadır. İşletmeler bu platformlarda mağaza açarak ürünlerini tüketiciler ile buluşturma şansı yakalamaktadır.

3) E-ticaret Pazaryeri entegrasyonları Nedir?

İşletmelerin satışlarını, sipariş süreçlerini ve e-ticaret süreçlerini kolay bir şekilde yönetebilmesine yardımcı olan yazılımlardır. Bu nedenle pazaryerleri üzerinden satış yapan işletmelerin pazaryeri entegrasyonlarını kullanması oldukça önemlidir.

4) Openclassify, kurulum tamamlandıktan sonraki aşamalarda destek sağlıyor mu?

Kurulum işlemi tamamlandıktan sonra müşterilerimizin tüm sorunlarına anında çözüm bulabilmek adına whatsapp üzerinden destek grupları oluşturuyoruz. Böylece her türlü sorun veya detaylı bilgilendirme için hızlı çözüm hizmeti sağlıyoruz.

How much does Ocify cost?

For prices, please review the prices section in the tabs above. You can pay monthly or yearly.

If I buy Ocify, do I need to buy a server? Is there an SSL certificate? Do I have to pay for updates separately?

First of all, the first year hosting and updates are free in almost all the packages you purchase. The SSL certificate is free for the first year. You do not have to pay for updates in the first year. The price of our support package, which includes hosting, ssl and updates for the second year, is sent to you by e-mail. We would like to inform you that we do not carry a profit motive over these prices, they are standard prices.

Is the quote for one year including support?

Yes, the prices stated in our offer cover one year of free support service.

What is the yearly support cost?

Technical software support will be evaluated over $1750 per month. If you want to give an information or training about existing software during working hours, it is free.

What is the hosting cost after the first year ?

Our e-commerce software package prices will be paid once. Since we provide our server service through Amazon, if you want to continue this service after the first year, only the hosting fee will be charged. This fee is determined by Amazon, from which we receive service.

Does the system support auctions?

Yes, the system has an e-commerce infrastructure created by auction method. Thus, you can put your ads up for sale either as a regular ad or as an auction ad.

Do you provide customization services and what is the rate for customization?

Yes, we provide special theme design services. We can provide the design of your project that you want to realize, either through our current theme closest to your project or through the codes you send us. For more detailed information, you can visit this address.

Can you please provide some references?

You can reach our references via this link: .

Is an iOS App available?

Our software is compatible with all mobile operating systems. If mobile integrations are requested, the IOS operating system integration will be evaluated over $299.

Is the SMS gateway supporting sending SMS messages in the UAE?

For Sms service, we have Kanyon and Netgsm integrations in our system. If you receive one of these services, you can send an sms to the region you want abroad, thanks to these programs.

Can we link to a different Payment gateway?

We have different payment options. You can make your payments using the cash on delivery method, money order or virtual payment methods such as Paytr, Paypal, Iyzico, Stripe.

Since January 1st, 2015, EU made a significant change to its VAT regulations that require businesses to pay VAT according to the locations of consumers. This was taken, mainly, because of large companies that have been avoiding higher taxes by establishing businesses in places with lower VAT. Unfortunately, this also put a burden on independent creators who sell digital products to customers in

If your plan has a limitation on Advertisements, you will receive an email to inform you when you reach the 90% of your allowed capacity. If you delete ads, you will have more space for posting, and you will be able to continue using the same plan. If we detect that only spam ads are being posted, or used in the wrong way, we will contact you to fix the issue.

If you want to upgrade your domain to a better plan, you can do it! Bear in mind that the expiration date of your domain will be the date of the purchase + the number of days that your plan had based on the price of the new plan. We round up.

You can cancel your Openclassify subscriptions at any time without needing to contact us. Your website is set to auto-renew, and we follow these refund policies: - We offer refunds for renewal payments if you request to refund within 14 days. Before a subscription renews, we'll send an email letting you know you're scheduled for a payment.

Your plan will be automatically renewed seven (7) days before expiring, using the same payment method you used with your first purchase. You will be charged the original amount of the product without any coupons applied. We will notify you if we can not charge you in advance so you won't lose any work on your classifieds site. You have 30 days after the expiry date to renew, or you will lose all

With any plan, you can use all of our mobile-friendly themes with any scheme available for the template. You can change it whenever you want, and as many times you want! This gives you access to 51 different looks and feels options to choose from.

With paid plans, we offer private professional support from our developers. We will answer within 24 working hours, and we will try our best to help you! If you choose the free plan, you can head to the Forum to solve your doubts. We check it every day and try to help users as much as we can. Support does not include: Mentoring for technologies CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript or other

You can use your Openclassify Cloud solution to host any kind of legal content in the US. Not allowed: Scams, Pyramids Schemes, Explicit sexual content, Drugs. If we detect any malicious usage or we are required to put down a website we will communicate it to you 24 hours before happening. If you are not sure if your content it's allowed, please check our Self Hosted version.

If your plan has a limitation on Advertisements, you will receive an email to inform you when you reach the 90% of your allowed capacity. If you delete ads, you will have more space for posting, and you will be able to continue using the same plan. If we detect that only spam ads are being posted, or used in the wrong way, we will contact you to fix the issue.

We got you covered! Do not worry if you have a free plan. If you have any inconvenient, you can open a new ticket. Also, you can always contact us.

We do not have a tool to export your site since you are in a shared environment.Remember that you will need to have Openclassify Self Hosted PRO in order to migrate, you can buy it here